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I am a Japanese sole proprietorship and instructor to teach mainly how to facilitate solving issue of frontline of companies, also, a researcher discussing the theory of time dilation described in the paper  “On the ElectroDynamics Moving Bodies” (A.Einstein, in 1905).  Believe me, there are many defects in it, some can be understood even by school children.

■ “Mathematical and Logical Issues in the development of Einstein’s time”  a book on demand, in Amazon, e.t.c.

Author : Masahiko Makanae

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My paper was featured on  The Clues Chronicle Issue 22 “Examines: Albert Einstein”. I appreciate that very much.

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Phone:   +81-50-3696-5821
not available to answer the phone during lectures, sorry

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e-Mail :  masahiko_makanae.tokyo

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